Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Craft Show Closeups...

As promised, I wanted to show you some close ups of all the items we had at the show earlier this month.  Some of the items are sold out, but I do have some left. What is not sold by Dec. 13th will be available for sale at the Hostess Tea (exclusive event) for my hostesses.  Invitations went out Monday - woohoo!

Nutcracker spice jars filled with peanuts.  Tag says "Nutty or Nice?"

Santatizers - sold out!

Stocking gift card holders

Reindeer poop - sold out!

Candy cane reindeer - sold out

Candy cane chimneys - sold out

Mini hershey bar treat holders - sold out.

Wrapped popcorn with a cute tag - sold out

Sorry, this one is sideways.  Mini Treat Bags with cocoa and a wooden spoon inside - sold out.

Mary made some beautiful ornaments.  

Fun mini coffee cups with a gift card holder from Mary - sold out.

Mini coffee cups.  Half and cappuccino with a coffee saying on the top and half had "hugs and kisses" on the top with Hershey Hugs and Kisses on the inside - sold out.

I made sets of these 3" x 3" cards and wrapped them up in a cute box - sold out.

Mary made these adorable dog house boxes with mini milk bones inside.  

Back packs filled with kisses (by Mary)

For our fall corner (mostly from Mary), Halloween curvy boxes.  

Fall curvy boxes filled with caramels.

Pumpkin boxes filled with pumpkin seeds.  

Tissue holders

Some Thanksgiving and Halloween framed art.

Mary and Laura each made some small framed art.  

Fall skinny bags filled with tootsie rolls - sold out

Fall haystacks filled with caramels.

Christmas skinny bags filled with M&Ms - only a few left.

Pilgrim wrapped Hershey Bars and fall Nugget trays - sold out.

Christmas nugget trays

Hand sanitizers on the top shelf and lip balms on the lower shelf.

Wrapped Hershey bars.

Snowman soup

Mug rugs - fabric coasters with a cocoa and peppermint stick.  I only have a few of these left. 

Some cute framed art from Laura.

More framed art from Laura - love those frames.  

My very large selection of post it note holders.  

Pens filled with different papers.  I might have enough for the next couple years - lol!  

Magnet Boards

Embossed tiles.

A few more designs of the tiles. 

...and more tiles.

Scratch paper boxes with pens.  Only a few of these left.

School sets - most schools sold out (still have a couple)

School binder clips from Bridgette.  Most sold out. 

From Bridgette, post it notes on coasters with a clip and on acrylic frames for teachers.  

Bookmarks from Mary - sold out, but she may have more later. 

Prayer journals and prayer rocks from Bridgette - sold out.

Adorable gift card holders from Mary

Gift bag and card from Mary

Sets of 4 cards.  

Boxed set of tags from Mary

Bridgette's framed dry erase boards.  

More framed art from Laura.

Laura's tooth fairy tins (with a poem and gold chocolate coin on the inside)

Laura's Santa tins with a chocolate inside. 

Janet's reindeer food - sold out.

Janet's Snowman wrapped Rolo candies.

A little create banner from Mary

Tree boxes, fry boxes, Christmas curvy boxes.  

Wrapped candy bars from Janet

Mary's ornaments

My sister's jewelry

A little more jewelry (free box with a purchase)

Pocket mirrors

More framed art from Bridgette and Laura.
 I hoped you enjoyed all of our items.  Thanks for stopping by!

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