Sunday, September 9, 2012

Well, I hit the big 50 yesterday and what a celebration weekend it was!!!  I want to thank my family and all my great friends for a spectacularly great weekend.  The festivities started on Thursday evening at our Girl Scout Leader meeting when Laura brought in a cake and sodas and they sang "Happy Birthday".  They are a wonderful group of volunteers and they mean a lot to me.  On Friday, our family headed out to a birthday dinner at Colton's and as we were getting ready to sit down, the long table of people behind me turned around an yelled "SURPRISE!"  I WAS!!!  I don't know how Bridgette and Laura pulled that one off.  Here is the gang and a few photos:

Back left to right:  Mary, Reta, Cindy, RoseMary, Susan, Mary, Patty, Brenda, Lesia
Front left to right:  Laura, Michele, me, Janet, Bridgette

A gorgeous cake from Mary Parry.

Photo: One of Laura was in the dark!!
We had a great time. Surely will never forget the lights going out AND staying out!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY SANDY!! You still have a couple more hours to CELEBRATE!!
Laura and Bridgette made these adorable center pieces!!!
Photo: The Birthday Girl
The birthday girl!
Not only was it a surprise, a big storm moved in during dinner and the power went out while we were having cake. 
Jackie, Joey, John and my Mom.
 We played a game where I had to guess who made what card. There were 6 handmade cards and 13 people to choose from.  I got 4 right on the first try, then mixed up my last two.  Oh well, not too bad - lol!  So this morning,  I headed down to Wynne for my monthly workshop and the wonderful ladies there had flowers, black balloons tied with candy and a cake.  What a wonderful group of friends I have!!!!   I feel lucky and blessed to be surrounded by so many caring, fun, creative and giving people.   THANK YOU ALL!!!  I finished off my day by going to the ASU football game to see Katie play in the band.  Samantha came with me and the weather was fabulous!

So, on with the stamping!  This week, instead of featuring a stamp set, I'm going to share a new flower tutorial each day.  My first one is a rolled paper rose.

Wasn't that quick and easy?!

Here's a little sneak peek at the Halloween Framed Art class on September 18th.  The deadline to pay and register is September 12th, so make plans soon!

For more information on classes, stamp camps or workshops, visit my online store here.

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